Exquisite visual art

"The history of modern art and the discovery of different narratives art of the material, have created a new feel and look to modern art today. The artists were particularly sensitive to the voices of the substances after the catastrophe of World War ll, when everday culture made mass use of smooth, aseptic plastic as a feature of the reconstruction and prosperity phase. The answer to this economic miracle minimalism, which led to today´s technological sterility, could be seen in the ruinous asthetics of the painter, who worked in Berlin and Munich. His pictures are symphonies for trained eyes, which scanners are able to scan and feel the fine layers, charming roughness and melancholic melodies of the fragile web of lines. This is exquisite visual art for visual gourmets, a score of sensitive artistic poetry, so to speak. These pictures are somehow never quite finished, they show stations of the pictorial feeling processes: Parts of the work are collaged, torn off again, glued or reassembled. For Peter Grosz the picture is a sounding space, filled with free oscillating, delicately spun signals."

Dr. Anton Gugg in: ´Weltkunst´ Kunst in Salzburg
edition summer 2015